Passion and Purpose Anthology

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As women, we all have passions that ignite us. They burn so bright within and around us that we can’t dim them, no matter how hard we try. It is from these passions that our assigned purpose emerges, and we become the women God truly created us to be.

Passion and Purpose, 21 Inspiring Stories from Women in the US Virgin Islands on Business, Leadership, and Life takes you on an amazing journey of unshakeable faith in the face of adversity, unknowns, and triumphs. This compilation of stories was written by women for women to inspire, motivate, and strengthen your confidence to follow your dreams, rise above fear, and live out your life’s passion and purpose.

The stories are captivating, powerful and lifechanging. They will strengthen your confidence and give you the motivation to follow dreams, rise above the fear and live out your life’s passion and purpose.

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